From data to predictions

We are using machine learning technology to turn data into meaningful predictions about users and objects in the digital world–in real-time and at scale. Our products help companies to deliver the right ad, content, product or service to the right user at the right time.

Big user data

In the digital world, users interact with a large offering of services through different devices and media. Interaction has thus become richer, but also more complex and fragmented. We address this challenge by a novel integrative ‚big data‘ approach to user modeling that spans across different channels and touch points (e.g. web, TV, mobile, radio). Our technology finds relevant patterns of behavior across channels and across time in a purely data-driven manner. This forms the technological basis that powers solutions for media and advertising companies to manage audiences and greatly increase effectiveness of interactions. Compared to existing solutions, our technology allows for a more holistic and consistent user interaction, taking the user experience to new levels.

Our vision …

20 years ago people had visions around hardware, 10 years later about software and right now about data. We love to think that people have come back into the focus of our high-tech industry. People have finally stepped up to use all these available resources to shape social and business interactions along their needs. Today’s audience is large, powerful, well organized and knowledgeable. An enhanced user understanding will give organizations a new intellectual layer to design more human-centric processes, services and products.

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